Monday, April 14, 2014

Allyson Turns 4

 Back in March Allyson had her 4th birthday.  She told me she wanted purple balloons as her present. She helped me go pick them out.  We lost one on the way home, which made her sad.
 We don't do birthday cake in our house typically.  It really isn't any of our favorite.  Allyson only wants sprinkles typically.  So we did brownies and ice cream with sprinkles on the top.
 We had the Miller family, Amber & Jeremy, and Kyle's father and step mom.  The Miller's came over for dinner before the party. We had Allyson's favorites; chicken strips and tater tots.
 It is funny how I have very few photos of the actual presents.  The white bag came from Amber and Jeremey.  It contained "Spotty", a orange stuffed tabby, which Allyson loves.
The purple bag came from the Millers.  It had easter eggs filled with M&M's (Allyson's favorite candy), side walk chalk, and a few other things.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Fling Crazy Quilt Block 1

Working on a 4 block crazy quilt for the Spring Fling Crazy Quilt at Crazy Quilting
This is block 1. I still have some beading to do, and a few other things to add, like sew on the mushrooms.
Here is a close up of the iris and branches. I accidentally embroidered all the pink iris flowers upside down, so I had to change my plan and added the tree branches to fill space.  I had planned on there being much more french knot dirt.